By ensuring a broad depth of services, RWE can bring high-level, specialist insight to every project.


By ensuring a broad depth of services, RWE can bring high-level, specialist insight to every project.

RWE provides a one stop shop that delivers turnkey systems by vertically integrating our 6 departments. These include:

  • Installation
  • Automation and Electrical
  • Engineering and Fabrication
  • Servicing Department
  • Retail
  • Design

By ensuring this broad depth of services available to our customers, RWE can bring high-level, specialist insight to every project and quickly identify the maintenance requirements for our clients.


Correct installation provides smart, precise water distribution for everything from broad acre irrigation, stock and domestic, horticulture and domestic gardens to commercial projects. RWE’s expertise in design and supply are supported by our experienced irrigation installation team.


Aiding in the installation process, RWE currently owns a wide range of earthmoving and excavation machinery including excavators, trenchers, backhoes, telehandlers and non mechanical excavation vehicles.

This is backed up by experienced project and site managers, qualified electricians and irrigation installers, certified welders with an in-house fabrication team and a Quality Control officer.

Poly Weld + Fabrication

RWE has fully qualified poly welding, electrofusion and butt welding specialists on the team and state of the art welding machines. With over a decade of experience we are committed to providing the highest standard of service.

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RWE works closely with clients and manufacturers to ensure the best pipeline design and product selection on every project.  In-house & mobile Poly Welds up to 1200mm poly are available.

General Engineering

RWE provide a comprehensive portfolio of solutions through our engineering workshop facilities including project management, design, consultancy and engineering services; through a variety of irrigation methods. Through the entire contract process, from estimates through to design, fabrication and erection, we work as part of your project team to ensure that your project is delivered on time and on budget.

RWE has a reputation for quality, durable and reliable workmanship and has the capability to work with both large and small-scale projects. We have access to qualified experts and are prepared to adapt to the daily demands of your changing industry.

    Pump Repairs

    Our service technicians have widespread experience in servicing and repairing all major pump brands. We offer a wide range of services including:

    • Mobile service units
    • Laser alignment tools
    • Servicing all pumps and motors
    • Diagnosis and fault finding

    Water Meters

    • Certified water meter installers and validators
    • Supply and install all major water meter brands

    Licensed Electrical

    RWE are specialists in pump installation, installation of power boards and associated cables and data cabling.  Along with pumping systems and irrigation control RWE is also fully licenced and capable of doing all associated electrical works within a project or service, which makes it easier for the client having only one point of communication and a complete overview of the project.

    Examples of these associated works can be:

    • Switchboard design, supply, installation and upgrades
    • Emergency repairs for electrical faults
    • Power extensions to other external areas (for example pump sheds or maintenance sheds)
    • Trenching, cable laying
    • General electrical
    • PLC Integration
    • Software programming
    • Electrical engineering

    Trench + Excavate

    RWE maintain a wide range of trenching and excavation machinery, eliminating costly and frustrating delays involved in subcontracting earthworks and allows RWE to retain direct control over quality and timeframe issues.

    All machinery and its operation is regulated by Plant & Task Risk Assessments.

    Our equipment includes:

    • Bobcats
    • Backhoes
    • Excavators
    • Trenchers
    • Telehandlers
    •  2 Vac Suck Trucks
    • Trucks
    • Graders

    Our machinery operators are fully licensed and have vast experience operating under stringent control systems.

    System Maintenance

    RWE provides a complete irrigation repair and maintenance service for irrigation system owners who are experiencing problems with their existing system and rely on their irrigation system running smoothly and to maximum efficiency.

      Our fully qualified irrigation specialists can troubleshoot irrigation system faults;

      • diagnose issues
      • find and repair faults,
      • analyse problems with pressure and system layouts
      • outline efficiency devices and solutions
      • plus, any issues that may have caused your system to fault initially.

      We can give you advice on a complete system overhaul, including assessing your current irrigation system and then talking to you about your irrigation needs now and into the future.

      We also offer a maintenance service that covers mid and off-season maintenance procedures. Included in the maintenance service package is;

      • Service of pump
      • inspect and clean filters
      • check valves
      • system flushing
      • chlorination of dripline and
      • inspection of driplines for mechanical or rodent damage.


      Because we are all about water, RWE now offers servicing and repairs of domestic pools and spas. Additionally, our qualified technicians and retail store provide a one-stop shop for all your pool requirements.

      We offer both one-off swimming pool services and ongoing programmed swimming pool maintenance, for residential and commercial customers. RWE uses premium Price Chemicals pool products and quality pool equipment plus carry a wide range of spare parts and accessories for all brands of pools available in our retail section.


      Beautiful gardens need water and RWE are your residential drip and sprinkler irrigation specialists, offering a full maintenance service to complement our design & installation services. Our trained and experienced technical staff are on hand to service and maintain your gardening system, ensuring maximum efficiency, saving you time and money.

      Our retail shop provides a wide range of residential irrigation supplies, helpful advice and service.

      Soil Moisture Monitoring

      Soil moisture monitoring provides significant benefits for better crop irrigation and nutrition. Monitoring allows you to water crops at optimum times to increase crop growth and improve yields. Plant water demand changes with growth stage, generally increasing from planting until maturity then decreasing through time or harvest. Factors affecting the water demand include crop type, growth rate, canopy area, fruit production or grain fill and senescence.

      Determining how water moves through soil and is used by plants following irrigation is difficult. By using soil moisture probes to fine-tune irrigation scheduling, your agronomist can make recommendations to maximise production and water use efficiency.